:[B]: $75L Weekends

I love to think of ways to interact with customers and to “give back” for all of the great feedback and support that I receive with the store. Let’s face it, I absolutely love you guys! This is my reason for implementing the new “$75L Weekends.” Every weekend (Friday-Sunday), a select color(s) of a NEW release will be on sale between $75L-$100L! Only the color advertised will be offered for the sale price, and all other tones and patterns will remain full priced. Sale items will be clearly marked next to each $75L Weekend Vendor.

The greatest aspect of this sale is that it is not intended for older items, but for Beautitude’s newer releases. This includes normal in-store releases as well as items that were placed at events and newly added to the store. The number of items that will be on sale will differ depending on how many new items were released that week but overall will be 2-4 items!

The sale runs ONLY from Friday’s – Sunday’s and does not apply to any other days of the week unless advertised. In the case of delay, if the sale is not able to begin on time, it will be extended so that the sale runs for the same amount of time as it would have normally. For further information, please be sure to either join the inworld Beautitude Update Group, or the Beautitude Subscriber Group, or both.  Also, again, the sale ONLY applies to select colors and not ALL. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me inworld: Rayne Isenia.

Please Note: The vendors used for the $75L Weekend Sales are NOT Caspervend enabled, meaning re-deliveries in the traditional sense are NOT available! If for ANY reason you lose or misplace your product, you MUST contact me via NC with your transaction history as there is no other way for me to verify that the purchase was indeed made.

As items are placed on sale, they will be listed below!


Coming Soon!


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