:[Grid Transfers]:

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The templates made and supplied by Beautitude & Co. are made specifically for the Second Life grid. However, on occasion, the need may arise to transfer those templates to other grids aside from Second Life. This is referred to as “grid transfers.” There is no automatic acceptance issued because each request is decided on a case-by-case basis and is the sole discretion of Rayne Isenia & BeautitudeSL Resident! Expressed (written) permission must be given by either Rayne Isenia or Beautitudesl Resident in order for the grid transfer agreement to be accepted.

Without expressed permission, you will be in violation of the Terms of Service and a DMCA complaint will be filed!


There are only certain virtual grids that we take into consideration and those can be found listed below. Grid transfers can be a tricky process for creators to keep up with because it’s harder to track purchases/uploads, etc., if we are not a part of that same virtual grid, and for this reason, there is a small one-time fee for Beautitude Grid Transfers.


Grid Transfer Fee: $3,000L (One-Time Fee)

Paying this fee and receiving your grid transfer allows you to upload any Beautitude Templates to any of the virtual worlds/grids listed below. The only secondary requirements is that you update us on which grids you will be using. The $3,000L fee applies to all uploads, meaning that you only have to pay this amount once. Afterwards, with permission, you’ll be able to upload any templates that you buy from us to the virtual grids that we’ve okayed.

*Please Note: This grid transfer will allow you to upload/transfer the template to ONE avatar only on the alternate grid. If you need to pass the template to more than one avatar, you must purchase an Extended License from Beautitude!


Please fill out the following form to request a grid transfer license. You will be contacted by either Rayne Isenia or Beautitudesl Resident and upon acceptance will be required to pay the non-refundable $3,000L Grid-Transfer Fee.

  • If you wish to upload templates to a virtual grid not listed here, please be sure to provide the name. Most likely we will add that grid to our accepted list!

Thank you!