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Do you have a business with a business partner? Do you wish to sell items made with Beautitude Templates, on both business partners accounts? If the answer is yes, then you need to apply for an Extended License.

Normally, it is against the Beautitude Terms of Service to share templates you have purchased from Beautitude with an alt or business partner, but this is not the case with an Extended License.

An Extended License is set between you and one (1) business partner. If you have multiple business partners, you will need to purchase individual licenses. There are never any reoccurring fees for an Extended License, nor is there ever an expiration date.

Extended Licenses are NOT Grid-Transfers! These licenses do NOT allow you to upload templates to alternative virtual grids outside of Second Life. If you are interested in uploading templates from Second Life to an alternative grid, please view the grid-transfers page and fill out the form!

The cost of an extended License is a one-time $5,000L fee! The license will be good between you and your selected business partner forever and there will never be any other fees associated with it. However if you have more than one business partner, you must apply for multiple extended licenses!

There is no automatic acceptance issued because each request is decided on a case-by-case basis and is the sole discretion of Rayne Isenia & BeautitudeSL Resident! Expressed (written) permission must be given by either Rayne Isenia or Beautitudesl Resident in order for the extended license agreement to be accepted.



A. You own Suzie Q’s clothing store with your best friend Sarah. You both wish to sell items in your mainstore and marketplaces using the same templates you purchased. Without an extended license, passing those templates to Sarah is against the Beautitude TOS; however with an extended license, you are ALWAYS able to send Sarah the templates you’ve purchased from Beautitude! It will always be allowed, once the fee for the license has been paid and accepted.

B. You own Suzie Q’s Clothing store with your best friend Sarah and sometimes do business or collaborate with mutual friend Bill. You’ve purchased an extended license for you and Sarah, but would like to pass the templates to Bill as well for the collaboration. THIS IS AGAINST THE TERMS OF SERVICE because you have not purchased a separate license with Bill.


The Process:

  • You must fill out the form below. Once it is received you will be contacted by either Rayne Isenia or Beautituesl Resident with further information.
  • Extended Licenses are acquired on a case-by-case basis. If approved, you must then pay the one-time, non-refundable extended license fee. After the fees are paid, the extended license is automatically in effect and you will be sent documentation with expressed permission for you and the individual of your choosing.