As of 3/15/2015, Beautitude will ONLY supply Omega System Appliers. I wanted to wait for as long as possible before making that change so as not to shock customers; however, with all clothing layers, I had to make roughly 43 appliers for every garment that was made. Needless to say it was a tedious and time consuming endeavor. It got to the point where I was not able to release new items as frequently as I had wanted, among other issues. For anyone that is not able to use Omega Appliers, I do apologize for this, but I had to make a decision that was in the best interest of the store!

The good news is that the folks behind Omega make several different versions that are compatible with several different types of mesh bodies and or body part attachments! Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to Omega products!

Because I always keep my customers in mind, I have decided that for the next 30 days, I will create additional appliers if your body/body part is not Omega ready, at request. Every new purchase contains a notecard by the name of “Applier Changes.” The bottom of the notecard has a small application that can be filled out to request the applier that you need; however, a few conditions must be met.

1. You may only request an applier that was PREVIOUSLY available at Beautitude. For a list, read below:

– Omega

– Lena Body

– Wowmeh

– Belleza

– Perfect Body

– Brazilia + Brazilia Doll

– Banned Body (Dea) + Banned Booty

– Lola’s

– Ghetto Booty

– Phat Azz

– Perfect Bum

-Slink Enhancements + Slink Physique

2. There will be a small $5L fee per applier requested.

3. You must allow up to 48 hours to receive the requested applier.

If you are new to Omega, please read below to find out how you may join the Omega family and script your body for the Omega Appliers System!

:[Info on Omega]:

The Omega Applier is a universal applier’s system that makes both a creator’s and customers life much simpler. The system itself is extremely easy to use; however, it does require the customer to purchase the corresponding script(s) for their body types and load them accordingly. The scripts for Omega Appliers can be obtained for free by joining the Love-N-Lust inworld group OR you can purchase the script(s) you need via the marketplace for $99L (the last I checked.) Links to Love-And-Lust can be found below as well as simple directions.

– Directions-

1. Purchase the script(s) that’s needed by your mesh body and/or mesh attachment (ie. ghetto booty, slink hands, lola’s, etc).

2. Rez your mesh body or mesh attachment in a safe area (sand box or personal land) where you have rezzing rights and right click the item and go into edit.

3. Locate the content tab and find the script in your inventory. Drag the script into the contents of your mesh body and/or attachment and take it back up into your inventory.


4. You’re done and now may use any Omega applier. If your mesh body part is copy, you may delete the original version that you rezzed or you can keep it. It is entirely up to you. Any Omega applier made will work with your mesh attachment.

– Links –

Love-N-Lust Marketplace

Love-N-Lust Inworld Store

Love-N-Lust Website

** I do NOT own nor am I the creator of Love-N-Lust or the Omega Applier System!


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