Beautitude LOGO March 2015

From experience, I have come to the realization that there are a lot of designers on the SL grid with bad attitudes and bad vibes.  For that reason alone, sometimes a customer will not even bother contacting the creator in the case of an issue. However, I hope you all know that you will never face that issue when dealing with me. I believe in great customer service as there would be NO Beautitude without you all. You will always be treated with the utmost respect via me and any staff members, regardless of any issue you may be having with a product or purchase. Thank you!

:[General Inquiries]:

1. Typically, if a package contains  more than just general system/legacy clothing layers and/or appliers, it will also include a notecard with further information and/or directions. If this is the case, please read the included note in its entirety prior to contacting me with any issues.

2. Regardless of how recent your purchase may have been, please always include your transaction information as it helps me to help you faster and without a headache for either of us haha ♥

3. For ANY and EVERY blog/blogging inquiry, please contact the BLOG MANAGER: Raindropkizzez Milena.

4. When contacting me, if I am not online (my online status is public), please ALWAYS leave a notecard as my messages are capped daily.

5. There are no refunds for any reason EXCEPT in the case of a double purchase which again, transaction history will be requested so please have it ready at the point of contact. To read Beautitude’s full store policy, click here.

  1. Beyond a busy RL, my SL is also very busy as Beautitude participates in a myriad of events and sales. For this reason, I am sure that mistakes will happen, a package will contain the wrong texture(s), or items will be missing from a package. Mistakes happen and I’ll be the first to own up to that. Sometimes I goof a lot and sometimes SL in general goofs a lot. If I make a mistake with a product that you have purchased, please let me know as soon as you can and I will do anything within my power to correct the issue. Please present me with the opportunity to rectify the situation prior to leaving a negative review!


1. Why are there no shoe bases or alpha layers in shoe packs?

The shoes made available from Beautitude are made exclusively for SLINK ENHANCEMENT hands & feet. For this reason there is no need for any shoe bases or alpha layers. In the case that a pair of shoes does need a shoe base, it will be included within your pack.

2. My skirt panels do not line up correctly, why is this? Is one size better than another?

We probably all wish that there was an exact science to wearing clothing on SL, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The same applies to the mesh skirt/dress panels. I will keep this bit short and sweet.

Although the panels come in 5 various sizes, which all have their benefits, I always find it best to wear either the XXS or XS skirt panels. They seem to line up best with the patterns. YES, this applies to THICK girls as my body is very thick and as we know, Beautitude caters to the ladies with the bass 😉

UNLESS the XXS or XS skirt/dress panel absolutely does not fit on you, you most likely will not have a cause to wear the larger sizes. Lastly remember, it is virtually impossible to get skirt panels to fit the same on every single avatar as they are affected by things such as butt size, leg length, body thickness, and other body part sliders. I truly hope this helps ladies and I will continue to try to provide the very best that I can in terms of mesh panels and clothing.

3. An outfit that I purchased utilizes both the shirt and undershirt layers as well as the pants but does not show up correctly. How can I fix this?

 When using appliers for certain outfits, say a highwaist skirt ensemble, sometimes the appliers sort of bump into each other. However, the fix is pretty easy and direct. I would suggest to first add your underpants/undershirt layers first. After they are applied, add your shirt/pants layer appliers. There is a chance that that either the undies layers or the clothes will not show up correctly. For this issue, I suggested removing your TOP PANTS/TOP SHIRT LAYERS via your HUD and adding them right back (much like you do to correct tattoo layers that do not show up correctly). Once you do this, both layers should show up correctly. If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.


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