:[Custom Orders]:

Beautitude Custom Orders

Beautitude does accept custom orders but availability is depending on the merchandise and the needs of the customer. Nearly every item sold in the Beautitude mainstore can be customized to your liking depending on your needs. The best way to find out if the custom item you are looking for is available, is to fill out the custom order form on the store blog! You may also visit the mainstore location and grab a notecard at the front desk. Fill this out and send it to Rayne Isenia and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

If you are looking for a large order to be filled (10 or more items), please allow time for processing.

I do not believe in charging an arm and leg for custom orders, so you can be assured that the price will be reasonable. There are also discounts available for large orders.

Please note that most custom orders will be sent with Beautitude’s default permissions unless otherwise noted or requested. However, unless you are ordering a custom template set, the permissions will NEVER be changed to full permission so please know that this is not an option! Again, if you are ordering a custom TEMPLATE, the permissions of course will be full permission.

The default permissions of Beautitude is COPY/NO Trans. Some items are NO MOD. If you are looking for full permission system clothing/applier clothing, please also note that the price will be a bit higher than non-full permission purchases. Thank you for your interest in Beautitude Customization!