██▓▒░░ ❀ßєαυтιтυđє❀ ░░▒▓██
– ωнєгє ßєαυту αηđ αттιтυđє мєєт-

Beautitude December Catalog Covere

ßєαυтιтυđє is a new(er) store on the Second Life grid catering to women that love high-quality fashions! Though ßєαυтιтυđє is fresh-faced (the store opened on the marketplace on November 28, 2014), this is not my first run around with owning a shop in Second Life. I am an extremely creative person in RL and wanted to be equally as creative in-world.

I want to work hard to keep my customer’s happy. I also want to work hard to make sure that I address the needs of ALL women whether you are curvy and enjoy mesh body attachments or if you prefer the more simplistic approach of normal system layers, ßєαυтιтυđє has got what you need! I believe that beauty should not come with exceptionally high pricing hence the very affordable pricing at ßєαυтιтυđє! I hope that you enjoy taking this journey with me and I hope that I continue to make you a happy customer!



*As of March, 2015, Beautitude resigned the All-in-One Mega HUDs. As of April, 2015, The only appliers included with Beautitude purchases are Omega System Appliers. The newly updated Omega System Appliers ALSO include built-in Slink Appliers! What this means is that if your purchased garment comes with long sleeves or pants/leggings that go over the feet, the Omega System Appliers will automatically apply to your hands and feet. There is nothing you need to do in terms of your Slink Enhancements besides making sure the correct layer is cut on within the Slink Utilities HUD.

Omega Appliers are a wonderful addition to the Second Life world and work for a numerous amount of mesh bodies and attachments! These appliers include kits and support for, but may not be limited to: Maitreya Body, Belleza Bodies, SLink Physique, SLink Hourglass, Slink Enhancements (hands/feet), Lena Body, Wowmeh, Belleza, Perfect Body, Sking Brazilia, Sking Brazilia Doll, Banned Dea Body, Banned Booty, Lola’s (Tango/Mirage/Delicq), UL Ghetto Booty, L.inc Phat Azz, and Perfect Bum!

Be sure to frequent the blog and FB page to stay up to date with me and ßєαυтιтυđє for sales, specials, updates, and of course, new releases! I hope you have a very blessed day!

Sincerely Yours,
(Rayne Isenia)

Blog: https://beautitudesl.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautitudeSL    


In the case that there are missing items in a package or some other error that is a design flaw, I will work my hardest to fix the issue at my earliest convenience. I sign into Second Life several times a week and am most usually online after 3pm SLT, which is 6pm SLT. If you contact me regarding an issue, I will have it fixed within 72 hours of me RECEIVING notice.

However, as of December 13, 2015, all issues regarding missing or problematic purchases, networking interests, and all other inquiries MUST be made by submitting a help ticket using the NEW Beautitude Help-Desk website. Due to my messages being capped daily and due to this causing me to either lose or never see customer contacts to begin with, I will no longer be accepting nor answering NC’s as it is no longer efficient. After contacting me via the help-desk, please check your email address or open ticket for updates. All tickets will be answered/taken care of within 24-48 hours of receiving them.

Thank you,


To visit the New Beautitude Helpdesk, please click here.


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