Finding poses on SL can be a tedious chore, especially for us girls with curves! I don’t make posts such as this often, well actually this is my first; however, the other day when rummaging the marketplace for new bento poses, I happened across VILDA and fell all the way in love! I noticed the creator had an inworld shop, so I went to test out some of the poses to see if I’d be lucky enough for them to fit my curves! Practically all the ones I tried did! Not only that, but the poses at VILDA are extremely affordable too!

It got me thinking and with all the trouble I seem to have when finding good, quality poses – that’s probably also the case for other women on SL. So I’m sharing it with all my fav’s too!

Be sure to check out VILDA Poses! And for you guys out there, she also has some poses for you as well!

Happy Shopping,

Mala ♥

PS: Oh and yes, her customer service is Ah-mazing! She was totally sweet and helpful!



Teleport to VILDA Poses

View the Marketplace VILDA Poses Marketplace



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