Spring Cleaning Hunt – Lanisha Event


:[Exclusive News Reminder]:

The Spring Cleaning Hunt by Lanisha Events begins today, lovies.

It runs from June 19-30th & has over 35 designers with lots of goodies!

This hunt comes with a special twist so it works for those that love to hunt and those that hate it lol. Read below for full details!


:[What’s available?]:

Creators have either set out an exclusive item on sale or an older-ish item for a deep discount. Either way, you will receive a discount on high quality items! These items range from clothing to furniture, to make-up and shoes!

:[How the hunt works]:

Teleport to the Lanisha Sim and view each designer easel. If you like the item they have up for grabs, you can purchase it 1 of 2 ways.

Option 1: Basic Discount

Purchase the flower to receive the item at the listed discount price (20%-40% off for example.)

Option 2: Deep Discount

Click the easel for the store LM and Hint. Hunt for the purple flower and grab the item for 50% off!


:[Beautitude Hunt Item]:

:[Dynasty Headchain – GOLD ONLY]:

The Gold Dynasty Headchain comes with a color-change HUD with 8 Gem Options! You can purchase the headchain @ the Lanisha Sim for $99L or go hunting for it and grab it for $55L which is 50% off the full price!


What am I? A woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire.

Happy Hunting!



Teleport to the Lanisha Sim

Teleport to the Beautitude Mainstore



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