Bombshells Round 3

Heyy lovies…so it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but that doesn’t mean lots hasn’t been going on behind-the-scenes! It’s mid-month and that means it’s time for a brand-new round of the sexy Bombshells Event!

This go around, I have 3 brand-new exclusives available for you smexy gals at half price! But beware, the actual event does not begin until the 15th of April!

Below are the AD’s, information, and location!

Any questions that you may have should be answered there!



April 15th – May 11th

Beautitude Sasha Dress AD

:[Sasha Dresses]:

Sasha is the newest dress from Beautitude, featuring intricately placed bands that cover the front of the dress. The back is simple, yet sexy with a diamond like cutout exposure. Sasha is available in 6 striking colors and can actually be worn 2 various ways: as a dress (pictured) or as a sexy short’s outfit (not pictured).

Included in each pack are the Omega System Appliers and 5 rigged mesh dress panels in sizes XXS-L! This particular pack does not contain legacy layers as I have began to phase them out; however, the traditional clothing layers can be requested.

While at Bombshells, each Sasha pack is only $99L!


:[Siri Platforms]:

The Siri Platforms are the newest shoe releases from Beautitude and are available in 2 fatpacks: Colors of Spring & Colors of Earth! These platforms are made for the Slink High, Maitreya, and Belleza Feet. All of which are included in each pack along with the Mega HUD!

Photos & HUD’s are below.


—Siri Platforms – Colors of Spring—

Beautitude Siri Platforms AD Official COSpringBeautitude Siri Platforms COSpring HUD

—Siri Platforms – Colors of Earth—

Beautitude Siri Platforms AD Official COEarthBeautitude Siri Platforms COEarth HUD

The Colors of Spring fatpack contains soft and beautiful pastel’s, which are perfect for the spring season! Whereas the Colors of Earth fatpack contains warm but beautiful deep color choices, which are perfect for all year round! All color-options are controlled via the included HUD which has over 30 buttons/options in each pack, which results in tons of variations for you!

If you happen to love versatility and not being tied down to one look, you’ll love these platforms! Each section of the shoe has 7 beautiful color options that change independently of one another. Shoe sections: Straps, Inner Sole, Platform, Heel, and Outer Sole.  (The Full HUD is pictured above).

While at Bombshells, the Siri Platforms – Colors of Spring & Colors of Earth are on sale for only $125L each!

Please try the demo’s before purchasing!



– Siri Platforms (Slink High)

Siri Platforms (Belleza)

– Siri Platforms (Maitreya)

Siri Platform MEGA HUD (Either Colors of Spring OR Colors of Earth)


I hope you love the new exclusives available for Round 3 of the Bombshells Event! Remember, event does not start until April 15th!! Please be sure to try the demo prior to making your purchase!



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